Dustless Hardwood Floor Contractor Rockland County NY

Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding

Majestic Floors Inc. provides excellent hardwood floor sanding service. Our company makes all the necessary preparations before we begin hardwood floor sanding in NY and NJ by removing any furniture or other items that might obstruct the project.

We also closely inspect the hardwood floors for any exposed nails or staples that may hinder the sanding process. Majestic Floors, Inc. takes note of what hardwood is installed and we make sure to use the proper grit to sand the floor.

Hardwood Floor Services

Majestic Floors Inc. has the hardwood floor expertise to keep your wood floors looking great and in top shape. Our dustless hardwood floor sanding in Rockland County and Bergen County removes all the mess a typical sanding job creates while still giving your hardwood floors the professional work and care it deserves. We are a fully licensed hardwood floor sanding company and all our services are insured.

Whether you live in a brand new home or a classic building, hardwood floors require that extra bit of care and maintenance every now and then. Hardwood floors can heighten the charm and overall aesthetics of your home immensely and to keep it looking top notch Majestic Floors Inc. can assist you in doing just that. Majestic Floors Inc. is a professional hardwood floor sanding company that offers these hardwood floor services and installation:

For more information about our services for hardwood floors in NY and hardwood floors in Bergen County, call Majestic Floors, Inc. at (845) 356-1144.

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Dustless Hardwood Floor Contractor Rockland County NY