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Are you looking for dustless wood floor sanding in Rockland County NY? Standard, non-dustless wood floor sanding is a long and messy process. Without the proper dustless wood floor sanding equipment, a large amount of wood dust is created, which must be properly cleaned and taken care of to ensure no dust remains on your floors. Rather than worry about all the dust a typical wood floor sanding job can create, let Majestic Floors Inc. eliminate the risk of wood dust for you with dustless wood floor sanding in Rockland County NY! With our efficient dustless wood floor sanding service, your wood floors will be sanded and polished without the time consuming cleanup process.

At Majestic Floors Inc. we take great pride in specializing in dustless wood floor sanding in Rockland County NY. Dustless wood floor sanding means there is little to no airborne dust particles created from our wood floor sanding process. In fact, our dustless sanding system is "99.9% efficient at capturing dusts as small as .5 microns." What this means for you is that setup time for the project is cut down significantly and you do not have to take extraordinary measures to cover walls, furniture, or other valuables. Also, dustless wood floor sanding in Rockland County NY offers protection against the hazards of wood dust.

During a normal sanding project polyurethane dust from old wood will get into the air. Polyurethane dust is difficult to remove and can cause severe allergic reactions and even respiratory problems in people. At the end of the project, you do not even have to spend time or money cleaning up loads of wood dust in your house as you would with traditional wood floor sanding methods.

Majestic Floors Inc. dustless wood floor sanding in Rockland County NY professionals are equipped with the latest dustless wood floor sanding equipment. At the same time, we sand your floors, dust is siphoned off to a separate compartment that we will later remove and dispose of ourselves. This latest method of sanding increases productivity while at the same time decreasing setup and subsequent cleanup time which is a major plus for you.

Talk to a professional wood floor specialist at Majestic Floors Inc. regarding dustless wood floor sanding in Rockland County NY, or any of our affordable and reliable wood floor services. For more information on our dustless wood floor sanding in Rockland County NY service, or for a free wood floor sanding estimate, contact Majestic Floors Inc. at (845) 356-1144.

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